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Joel's Final Farewell To His Brother. . . . .

After Philip's service in Portland, Annette gave me some of Philip's ashes to bring back here to Kansas City and spread over Mom & Dad's grave.
The Kansas City Cansler's met at the grave-site and did just exactly that in our own small, private ceremony on Thursday evening, June 19th. 
Here is my final farewell to Philip, written and read at this special 'ashes sprinkling' event:
Philip was born to help expand
the infinite nature of God.  In fact,
his sacred heart was hewn at

VERY IMPORTANT - Here is Philip's Letter to Everybody that Annette Read at the Service. . . . .

It is wonderful to see you all here today, I am Annette, Philip’s wife. I want to thank you for coming and celebrating Philip’s life. You have all been wonderful sending prayers, cards, meals, flowers, your visits and helping with Philip over the past 7 months, you have all been a blessing. When Philip had heart surgery 2 ½ years ago, he had written a letter for me to read at his memorial service, I will be reading the letter with his minor changes. He was my hero and I was his angel that loved and cared for him.

Here's Something Matt Read at Philip's Service

The Dash
copyright 1996 Linda Ellis
I read of a man who stood to speak
At the funeral of a friend
He referred to the dates on her tombstone

Philip's Memorial Service on Sunday, June 15th was a very nice service. . . .

Thank you so-o-o-o much Annette - for organizing and planning Philip's memorial service just exactly like he asked to have it carried out. 
For those many out-of-town friends and relatives that could not attend the service - here is a copy of the program: 
at the
Service of Witness to the Resurrection


Philip Cansler

November 3, 1953—June 2, 2008
First Baptist Church

Here is the local Notice for Philip that Appeared in the Kansas City Star on Sunday, June 8th....

Philip's Obituary Which Came Out In The Kansas City Paper Today Was Complete With A Nice Photo  - But, I Noticed This Link Does Not Contain The Photo - Like The Paper Had. 
Here's The Link:
In Love & Light,

Remembrances to University of Portland Please. . . . .

If you would like to make a memorial contribution in Philip's memory, please make gifts towards the "Dr. Philip T. Cansler Trumpet Endowed Scholarship".
This can be done in several ways:
1) By phone at 503-943-7395 – Just tell the person who answers that you want to make a gift to that scholarship in Dr. Cansler’s memory.

University mourns the loss of popular music professor, Philip Cansler

University mourns the loss of popular music professor, Philip Cansler

The University of Portland community is mourning this week the loss of one of
its most colorful and endearing figures, music professor, band director, and
trumpeter Philip Cansler, who passed away Monday at the age of 54 after being
diagnosed with brain cancer last fall.

A memorial service for Cansler has been scheduled for Sunday, June 15 at 4
p.m. It will be held at First Baptist Church, on 909 S.W. 11th. The service
will be followed by a reception there.

It is anticipated that there will also be a memorial service for Cansler on

Philip's Arrangements Have Now Been Finalized. . . . . .

His memorial service will be on Sunday, June 15th at 4:00 PM  at  First Baptist Church - 909 SW 11th Avenue - Portland, OR 97205

Philip Passed Away Just After 3:00 AM CST on Monday, June 2nd, 2008. . . .

Annette just called with this news. 
My brother, Myra's brother, Annette's husband, a step father to two,
an uncle to four, a cousin to over a dozen, a friend to many dozens, a 
marvelous trumpet player and a former professor at the University of
Portland, Dr. Philip T. Cansler unapologetically surrendered in his battle
with his "GBM" brain tumor. He was a noble and brave warrior and

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