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Gallup Finds Concerns Rising Over Global Warming and Nuclear Energy Solution

Dot Earth - Sat, 03/19/2016 - 14:13
While some see a tipping point in a sudden surge in worry about global warming, a long steady background rise in concern may be a better metric. 0
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While They Were Shouting – A Botanist’s Lament About Presidential Politics

Dot Earth - Wed, 03/16/2016 - 09:01
A lifelong student and defender of biological diversity laments the lack of a broader view of issues in today's presidential politics. 0
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To Cut Ocean Trash, Adrian Grenier and Dell Enlist Filmmakers and Virtual Reality

Dot Earth - Tue, 03/15/2016 - 11:43
A push by Dell and Adrian Grenier to raise awareness of ocean problems while trying to find a use for floating plastic trash. 0
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The Obama-Trudeau Climate Pledge Contains Overdue Steps to Fix Natural Gas Leaks

Dot Earth - Thu, 03/10/2016 - 15:28
President Obama includes an overdue domestic push to cut leaks in America's vast natural gas system in a joint announcement with his Canadian counterpart. 0
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Too Soon Gone – Gary Braasch, Visual Chronicler of Climate Change

Dot Earth - Tue, 03/08/2016 - 05:30
A photographer roaming the globe to chronicle global warming dies exploring an imperiled reef. 0
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A Call for College Students to Help Shape Their States’ Clean Power Plans

Dot Earth - Sun, 03/06/2016 - 11:27
Students across the country are preparing to meet state officials on April 4 to state their views on how to meet emissions targets set in the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan. 0
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Here’s Hoping Earth Imagery Isn’t Too Routine to Inspire

Dot Earth - Fri, 03/04/2016 - 15:35
Has the power of imagery of Earth from space faded since the days of "Earthrise"? 0
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Is Worry Worthwhile in Confronting Climate Change?

Dot Earth - Thu, 03/03/2016 - 14:27
Andrew Revkin discusses a tough assignment -- digging in on what he's learned, and unlearned, in three decades of reporting on climate change and explaining why worry is not the first feeling that emerges. 0
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Bill Gates Explains How to Make Climate Progress in a World Eating Meat and Guzzling Gas

Dot Earth - Thu, 02/25/2016 - 14:53
Bill Gates replies to questions from Times readers on meat, gas guzzling, overcoming the vast oil industry and more. 0
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Bill Gates, the ‘Impatient Optimist,’ Lays Out his Clean-Energy Innovation Agenda

Dot Earth - Tue, 02/23/2016 - 07:04
Bill Gates discusses the investment and research efforts he's pursuing to energize societies without overheating the climate. 0
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California’s Gas Gusher is Stanched, But Where are Tougher U.S. Rules on Leaks?

Dot Earth - Thu, 02/18/2016 - 11:03
As the focus on the Aliso Canyon natural gas gusher fades, can the Obama administration keep its focus on tighter leak rules? 0
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Oxford’s Halley Professor on How the Climate Challenge Could Derail a Brilliant Human Destiny

Dot Earth - Mon, 02/15/2016 - 07:04
The Halley Professor of Physics at Oxford asks whether humanity is capable of applying the patient and creative investment of brain power and money to curtailing climate change that it invested in finding ripples in spacetime. 0
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Justice Scalia’s Irreplaceable Views on CO2 and Climate

Dot Earth - Sat, 02/13/2016 - 16:49
The death of Justice Antonin Scalia leaves a big hole in the Supreme Court's conservative phalanx. 0
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New Study Finds Persistent Peril from Urban Coal Soot in China and Indoor Smoke in India

Dot Earth - Sat, 02/13/2016 - 15:43
In Chinese cities and India's rural households, millions remain at risk from power plant pollution and smoky cooking and heating fires. 0
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This Winter’s Polar Vortex, from Afar and Up Close

Dot Earth - Fri, 02/12/2016 - 09:15
A close-focus and space view of the deep chill finally settling in over the Northeast, for a short while. 0
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Oregon Standoff Ends in Time to Prepare Malheur Refuge for Avian Occupiers

Dot Earth - Thu, 02/11/2016 - 14:21
With the last armed occupiers in handcuffs, the abused Malheur wildlife refuge in Oregon can be prepared for the spring bird occupation. 0
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What’s Missing at the U.N. Climate Panel’s Meeting on Climate Change Communication

Dot Earth - Mon, 02/08/2016 - 17:23
Three things are missing at the I.P.C.C.'s two-day meeting on improving climate communication. 0
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As Rubio Waffles, Two Floridians in the House Seek Bipartisan Climate Solutions

Dot Earth - Sat, 02/06/2016 - 14:42
Two Floridians in Congress, a Republican and a Democrat, create a House caucus to explore policy options on climate change. 0
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Butterflies for Ted Cruz, Determined Foe of Ethanol Mandates

Dot Earth - Tue, 02/02/2016 - 10:04
Ted Cruz's victory in Iowa may be a victory for butterflies, as well, if it ends political subservience to Big Corn. 0
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As W.H.O. Declares Zika a Global Health Emergency, a Look at the World’s Failed Mosquito Policies

Dot Earth - Sun, 01/31/2016 - 23:18
Areas stricken in Zika virus outbreak were once free of the mosquito that carries this and other dangerous diseases. 0
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