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Focus the Nation 2011: Transforming Our Energy Future (February 26th, 2011)

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  • Focus the Nation 2009 happened on April 18th (at PSU in the Portland region)
  • Focus the Nation 2008, on January 31st, 2008, was a remarkable day for climate change education across the country, and it was because we all came together.  Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make Focus the Nation a great success in this region, including our students, faculty and staff, Oregon's elected officials and students from across the state on live OPB.  Special thanks to Allison Frost, producer for OPB, for her dedication to the Chiles Center broadcast.  See links associated with the Chiles event and our day sessions below.

UP Focus the Nation Sessions - Includes Room Locations (printable)

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Focus the Nation: LIVE at the Chiles Center! (One page description)

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