Highway, Local Road & Street Safety for Non-Engineers

Workshop Description

This workshop is designed for persons throughout Oregon with responsibilities related to traffic and highway safety. The workshop focuses mainly on the types, causes and costs of traffic crashes, the importance of the Engineering, Enforcement, Education and Emergency medical services. The workshop also reviews proper use of traffic control devices, traffic calming and best safety practices in your region. Overall, the workshop will answer many of the questions that decision makers, traffic safety committee members, and public agencies personal may have regarding the roadway safety.

Who Should Attend and Why

The workshop will be of value to elected officials, city councilors, traffic safety committee members, county commissioners, county road supervisors, street superintendents and concerned citizens. The workshop introduces latest developments in the field and is an opportunity for all involved to exchange up-to-date information. Common road and street problems are reviewed along with practical ways to improve road and street safety.

General Topics

  • Introduction to highway, local road and street safety for non-engineers
  • The importance of Engineering, Enforcement, Education and Emergency medical services for improving highway safety
  • Proper use of traffic control device
  • Proper use of traffic calming
  • Pedestrian safety and speed management
  • Best roadway safety practices in Oregon