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   The Social Justice and Peace Program at the University of Portland is committed to teaching students that they have a responsibility to work for peace and justice throughout the world. Peace is an approach to life that not only seeks to avoid conflicts and promote reconciliation among all people, but also consists of helping the poor and vulnerable, promoting global economic prosperity and environmental responsibility, and upholding human rights for all persons.
   This Catholic university was founded over a century ago by a community of religious brothers and priests from France on the principles of teaching, faith and service. The Rev. Basil Moreau, the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross defined a complete education as "one in which the heart is engaged as much as the mind".
   The world of post-revolutionary France in which Holy Cross was born was in a state of profound transformation and polarization. Then, as now, education of the mind and heart was seen as a necessary and transforming approach to a world filled with injustice, poverty, inequality, war and exploitation.
      Since its founding, Holy Cross has created specialized educational institutions throughout the
Americas, Africa and Asia. These institutions seek to

educate their participants, students as well as staff and administrators, into a critical understanding of a world in which many of its citizens are unfairly penalized while others are greatly privileged and powerful. Together, religious as well as lay leaders and teachers of all denominations and beliefs, educate students for the challenge of working effectively to change the social, political, economic and cultural systems that are so unfair to some and so arbitrarily rewarding to others. We firmly believe that a complete education is one in which an effective effort is made to make the world a more peaceful and just place.
   The inseparable missionary dimension of the educational mission of Holy Cross institutions is expressed in a unique and effective way at the University of Portland through its Social Justice and Peace Program (formerly known as the Peace Studies Program). The courses that constitute this program challenge students to place their professional development and career choices within the context of an interdisciplinary and ethical worldview. More details about the minor, the certificate and required courses for the program can be found under the proper headings.
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